Drop In Number Of Refugees Due To Merkel’s Asylum Policy?

I think not. Try Austria’s asylum policy of enforcing real border controls.


The Berlin government is going ahead with plans to expand the big refugee center at Tempelhof airport, even though its population has dropped. According to Berlin’s latest official figures, only around 50 refugees are arriving in Berlin every day – a long way below the 1,000 that sometimes arrived daily last fall…

While Merkel officially has stuck to her line, thereby isolating herself in Europe, Austria has made a drastic about-face within a matter of weeks. In September 2015, Faymann criticized Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban’s policy of deterrence, and now, Austria is following suit.

Austria has imposed a cap on the number refugees it will allow into the country and the authorities will now only accept 80 asylum applications per day. A four kilometer long fence has been erected near the town of Spielfeld at the Slovenian border. When Hungary built a fence along its border with Serbia in the autumn, Faymann fiercely attacked the activities. Now, even the armed forces are deployed at the Austrian border.


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  1. The drop was probably because of the winter, not because they don’t like you anymore. You know what they say…..’in spring a young Muslims fancy turns to thoughts of putting a loving on you” so don’t worry about losing any assets coming.
    I was mystified and saddened by the cancelling of the mobile vigil in Brussels today. The “We are not Afraid” parade was cancelled out of fear of some unpleasantness from some unknown source. This doesn’t look good for the vigil supply industry. (full disclosure….My affiliation with Teddy’s Tears’n Chalk.com has had no influence on my opinion) It is to be hoped that the dhimmist Eloi will risk sacrifice for the chance to hug and apologize to a flesh and blood Muslim.

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