UFO Crash Site Secured In Germany

I mean UFO as in Unimpeded Falling Object, by the way.


And first reports indicate that these eerie, extraterrestrial vehicles appear to be American made. I got your Area 51 for you right here, pal.

Wenn Autos vom Himmel regnen, dann hat man entweder Drogen genommen, oder man befindet sich offenbar auf dem Truppenübungsplatz in Hohenfels.


2 responses

  1. Those Humvees cost at least $70K or $220K if it is the “up armored” version built for Iraq duty. Some poor Army parachute rigger will probably end up forfeiting a months pay for not folding the parachute properly. By the way, military surplus Humvees are fetching 20K at used car lots. The Hohenfels Humvees will make great “parts cars.”

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