Massive Logistical Move Could, Should And Will Take Months

Transferring six (6) aircraft from Turkey halfway around the world to Jordan is anything but an easy logistical problem to solve.


Not if you are the German army, it isn’t. A move of this magnitude has to be carefully planned and cautiously implemented (not to mention cautiously planned and carefully implemented), otherwise something could go wrong because, well, only one or two of these damned planes actually fly.

And this is war, after all.

Last month, Ankara blocked a German parliamentary delegation from visiting Bundeswehr troops at the base, marking the second time that Turkey had done so. Turkish officials said their decision was a response to Germany granting asylum to Turkish military personnel accused of participating in a failed coup last year – a move that reportedly enraged Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

PS: Brought to you by the same people who gave us The Flight of the Phoenix?

4 responses

  1. One can only imagine the nightmare of logistics with the up coming invasion of Poland to force Islam on them.

  2. About the unpleasantness near Finsbury mosque in Londinistan…….

    I can’t help but feel that muslim Infidelophobia was the major factor causing this terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, tragedy. It behoves muslims to reflect inwardly on their share of the blame for the actions of this little white oppressed man from faraway Wales. From a people who suffer on remembering the muslim conquest of North Africa.

    On a brighter note, Islams surprise entry into the Eurovision Virtue Vigil contest is liable to put the rest of the EU Eloi in the shade for the late June section.

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