50,000 (2015), 100,000 (2016), 200,000 (2017)…

Do you see a pattern here?


That’s the number of lawsuits filed by refugees in Germany who have been denied asylum here. Germany has increased the number of judges who decide these case to 2,000 but that still isn’t enough to deal with these numbers like these. Nor is a reduction in this work load anywhere in sight.

Nearly half of all asylum applicants rejected by Germany then take their cases before German courts. The BAMF refugee agency says 47 percent of its 119,000 negative decisions made so far this year went to appeal.

“Man kann sagen: Die Lage ist dramatisch. Es knarzt jetzt an allen Ecken und Enden.”

2 responses

  1. Germany is the whale and these lawsuits are the harpoons that will drain the whale of strength and treasure. Perpetual welfare for Muslims is another set of harpoons stuck in the whale. This is no accident, all part of Islams plan for you. Your future is bright blood red.

  2. Whale is good here, BL@KBIRD. Or better yet Leviathan (Thomas Hobbes – Carl Schmitt for German readers). The Rechtsstaat (state under the rule of law) in which the laws are systematically being ignored. That only works for so long before the whole thing goes south. I believe this is more “dramatic” than most Germans want to/are willing to believe. The really scary thing is that nobody knows just when the tipping point is – except historians, of course. Much later.

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