Many Sides To Blame

What, here in Germany, too? Who would have thought that?


Germany has banned a far-left internet portal accused of inciting violence and rallying activists who rioted during last month’s G20 summit in Hamburg.

How refreshing. Who says you have to always insist on focusing on the negative news reports out there?

“Für radikale gewaltbereite Extremisten ist in Deutschland kein Platz, egal welche Ausrichtung.”

2 responses

  1. It is election season, after all. But it certainly is strange how people are so eager to believe that you can use legislation to get rid of wackos. It’s a lot like gun control – banning guns will somehow stop criminals from using them. The things you are combating are always after the fact, the results of what the nut cases and criminals do – or are going to do, no matter what you do. Now if you could pass a law effictively banning awful people, I would back that one hundred percent.

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