When Politically Motivated Anti-Globalization Activists Get Active

Big capitalists like this store owner have to pay.


“This proves that capitalism doesn’t work,” one masked activist with a Z sprayed on his chest explained. “Any system that would let people like us destroy this guy’s capital with impunity simply ain’t got no future.”

I’m finally starting to see the light, people. This is what a world without globalization would look like. The annoymous theft and destruction would only take place locally.

Ihr Ideal? „China vor 1976“, sagt einer.

3 responses

  1. Parisian style car-beques: No more dastardly way to get to a German’s angst than to torch a new Porsche.

  2. Hamburger town is a pit of leftard commies who shit fire in their own nest. I had to laugh at that. Life is tough when you are stupid, tougher when you are German.

  3. This is what you get when ordering a G20 Hamburger with everything on it. Scholz and Schulz will soon be in Brüssel laughing at Michel after Angie wins the vote next fall.

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