Germans Not Only Fear Donald Trump More Than Vlad Putin

According to an unreleased secret poll yet in my possession…


Over ninety-seven percent of Germans asked also fear Donald Trump more than Joseph Stalin, Caligula, Jack the Ripper, Freddy Krueger, Jaws (does he, like, actually have a name?) and Chuck Norris. Combined. To name just a few.

The United States may be Germany’s No. 1 ally, but two-thirds of Germans think that the US president is more dangerous than his Russian counterpart. That’s not surprising when you look at Germany’s political priorities.

“Vor einem US-Präsidenten Donald Trump habe ich definitiv mehr Angst als vor Putin.”

4 responses

  1. Germans, about 75% or more, didn´t learn much in history class. They should turn their fear toward Angela Merkel and Gerhard Schröder, both propping up the Putin regime with a massive natural gas deal. Fake news and hate speech against President Trump seems to carry their blindness.

  2. Considering the way Germans behave, historically…presently, I’m pretty much cool with the idea of them being afraid of my President.
    ‘Tis better to be feared than liked, after all. Especially by Germans — at your foot or at your throat, after all.

    • Nah…didn’t you hear? We’ve got a Mad Dog and the rules have changed — we eat irregular muslim armies for lunch now!
      Be afraid Germans, be very afraid…boo!

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