Deutsche Sprache Schwere Sprache

German is a tough language to learn.


For example, nearly half of the migrants who took the German language course offered by Germany’s Federal Office for Migration and Refugees last year (93,500 from 202,000 participants), failed. That failure rate of 45% is up from 40% the previous year.

And this was after 600 teaching units forty-five minutes each. Are they stupid? Of course not. But maybe the people who think “integrating” them would be easy. This just shows you what a mammoth task the integration of such a large number of people will be, should it ever succeed at all. If they can’t even speak the language, how can anyone expect them to be integrated? But maybe nobody really does anymore.

Die Durchfallquote bei den Deutschprüfungen am Ende der Integrationskurse ist vergangenes Jahr auf 45 Prozent angewachsen. 2017 lag sie noch bei 40 Prozent. Das zuständige Ministerium will die Kursqualität anheben.

2 responses

  1. I agree. German is very difficult to learn. If they are only going to the class but not really using it in real life, it would be hard. I think the important thing is that they should try to integrate as much as possible by also using German language in real life (on top of the class). But not only hanging out with other immigrates. That would be the fastest way to learn.

  2. I agree. German is difficult to learn. I think they should also try to integrate as much as they can, by using German language in their daily life too. The important thing is to use the language (on top of the classes). If someone is only hanging out with other immigrates, it would be very hard to improve German.

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