German Foreign Minister Concerned That The Middle East Could Now Become Destabilized

After the drone attack that killed top terrorist Qasem Soleimani, I mean. Well, we certainly wouldn’t want that.


We can all sleep safer at night knowing that seasoned professional diplomats like Heiko Maas are always on the world stage ball ever prepared to lecture the United States about problems their own countries haven’t the slightest clue about dealing with. Or the will to do so if they did. Good intentions make the world go around.

Comments made by the foreign minister demonstrate that in case of Iranian aggression, the federal government will not take sides with America. Germany has no answer to the aggresive Iranian expanansion and wallows in the role of de-escalator.

“In the coming days, we will do all we can to counteract a further escalation of the situation – in the United Nations, the EU and in dialogue with our partners in the region, including in talks with Iran.”

Durch die Aktion“ sei es „nicht einfacher geworden, Spannungen abzubauen. Das habe ich auch @SecPompeo deutlich gesagt“. Es wird den amerikanischen Außenminister schwer beeindruckt haben.

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  1. You know, Hermann, I certainly don’t always agree with you. How boring would that be?

    Yet I come to your site regularly & genuinely appreciate your perspective. Hypocrisy in any form is irritating, but when it’s shown by our ‘leaders’, it’s particularly problematic.

    My gut tells me that Germans have struggled with how to deal with terrorism since their years of self-created terrorists back in the late 70s, but that’s an uneducated guess. I suspect that the German government is sensitive to the many Iranians who live here & contribute to this society.

    However, it’s the ultimate Scheinheiligkeit. It’s preposterous for them to pretend the Americans aren’t dealing with a very real global threat.

    However, pacifism is a difficult philosophy to actually practise. At what point does the German government or populace finally acknowledge that a functioning military is an essential part of a modern state?

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