There Was Nothing Else In The News These Past Two Days

So I thought I would post about the new non-stop long distance bus line from Leipzig to Frankfurt that will already be starting service this coming November 29.

It is going to be really neat. The trip might take a bit longer, I read, but at least you’ll be able to take your bike with you.

Längere Fahrzeit, aber Radmitnahme


Don’t be misled by that American mainstream media or whatever else you may have seen or heard.

Germany’s FOCUS Online will clear it for you: Yesterday’s US-Amerikan election was “undecided” and everything’s still OK in Obamaland, honest.

And here you thought denial was a river in Egypt.

“Seine Partei erzielte bei den Kongresswahlen die größten Zugewinne seit mehr als 70 Jahren.”