Germans Meant “Work Harder”

Down south (in battling the Greek debt crisis, for instance). Not longer. A study based on OECD and Eurostat figures has determined that Germans work less annually than their no good and lazy Southern European neighbors.

The study indicates that “a German’s average annual work duration (1,390 hours) was substantially lower than for a Greek (2,119), an Italian (1,773) a Portuguese (1,719) and a Spaniard (1,654).”

But at least for that the Germans work more intensely, right? Not according to that study, they don’t.

But at least they mean well, or something?

“Germany’s productivity per head remains close to the average of southern European countries. Its hourly productivity rate is above average but not better than France or Greece,”

2 responses

  1. Thank you! That “no good and lazy Southern European neighbors” really made me laugh.

    I’m scratching my head, too. So what exactly are the Germans so superior at?! Complaining? Yes, that’s for sure. What else? Following rules even if they’re stupid? Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of that. Keeping their Flachspuelers clean? Well, they do try. The Japs might have ’em beat in the toilet cleanliness department.

  2. The only other differences could be a result of:

    A) higher value of the goods that Deutscher und Detscherinnen are making/adding value to, or
    B) There is a higher percentage of population in the workforce.
    C) cheaper (relative) inputs to that output.

    Either way, it doesn’t bode well. The Asians will be spanking them on (A), the workforce is aging which will nuke (B), and the biggest single input into everything (C), energy is now wholly controlled by loons who think that their little life, their coffee in the morning, their bus ride, etc. somehow is immune to relying on solar panels, windmills, opposing hydro power, coal mining, and nuclear power.

    Zukunft? Nein danke!

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