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Is anybody here really supposed to care that the Pirate Party, “a party in tune with the Berlin vibe” (and a cheap if not even flakier immitation of the Swedish original) attracted enough votes to win its first ever seats in the Berlin state parliament yesterday?

Nothing aginst Internet freedom activist freaks or anything, I just don’t want to have to deal with them in the non-virtual world like this.

Of course the real news is that the FDP (a real live party from Planet Earth) got tossed out. Hey, Scheiße happens.

And here you thought California was the land of nuts, flakes and fruits.

“Wir werden als erstes auf die Laternen klettern und unsere Plakate wieder runterholen.”

7 responses

  1. I’m not surprised that they won 8,9% of the vote, largely in an area as intellectually and reality-detached as Kreuzberg, because their fake-worldly-edgy platform is “free shit for everybody”, and “steal all the digital content you want! We’re almost sure people will still keep making it!”

    • And maybe someday they might even learn to add.

      When you go to the zoo, and see a sign not to feed the animals because it will change their nature, when will people realize that this is also true of people?

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