German Soldiers Burning Out Like Flies

And here you thought American soldiers had it bad. Put yourselves in a German soldier’s boots for once already.

It seems that the many Bundeswehr reforms taking place these days (they’re basically cutting the German army down to the size of a large police force which will never be used either) strain German soldiers way too awful much. Particularly “overtime and anxiety about the future” afflict them grievously, I read.

“It is an unprecedented test of severity” for these soldiers and their families, causing frustration, turmoil and exhaustion and… Burn-out! You know, another one of those imaginary disease imports custom-made for German society, or the lack thereof (Burn-out is very fashionable here these days. Just the other day a Bundesliga soccer coach threw in his towel quite publicly. A freakin’ soccer coach?).

And the punch line of this article (which I originally assumed to be of a satirical nature)? Not a word was mentioned about Afghanistan or any possible stress that a German soldier might be experiencing there. I guess that means that it’s less stressful to be a German soldier in Afghanistan than it is to be one back home in Germany.

Although it must be kind of stressful, or at least confusing, being a combat soldier in an army that never takes part in any combat operations even when it is in a war that isn’t really a war because this is Germany and being in wars, although having an army, is no longer provided for. Damn. Just thinking about that has me burning out already.

“Es darf keine Reformverlierer geben.”

2 responses

  1. If force migration is “an unprecedented test of severity,” how would something like, say, -war- be received? No doubt not very well.

    They need to get involved in a short, but larger that Afghanistan-scale shooting war or something that requires serious soldiering.

    It washes out the morons. They do whatever they can to leave. A large number of the females all show up at the clinic suspecting they’re pregnant, and amny of the males show up with whatever mysterious “lumbago”-like injuries will get them working behind a desk.

  2. Pregnancy is a bar to deployment in the U.S. Army. Interesting to see how the Bundeswehr treats it, now that it has open up its ranks to women.

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