Dumb Broad Talking

Or was it Dead Man Walking?

A favorite tactic of left-wing wanna-be moralists everywhere (and of those flashy Hollywood types in particular), fading actress-with-a-cause-but-I-forget-which-one-it-is-this-week Susan Sarandon successfully boosted relations with her public and her vaunted sense of self by tossing around Nazi analogies at Pope Benedict XVI over the weekend. The current Pope is German, you see. And old. Get it?

And being a good Catholic girl who played a well-known nun in a film called Dead Man Walking way back when in 1995, when Christ was a corporal, she certainly shows that she knows what she is not talking about (knows what she is not talking about?).

Some, however, believe that she might actually be “ignorant” of lots and lots of things, which can’t really be though, can it?

“No, the last one. Not this Susan Sarandon we have now.”

6 responses

  1. The MSM was in a tizzy two weeks ago because Hank Williams Jr. compared Obama to Adolf. His punishment: He is no longer doing the introduction song to Monday Night Foot Ball. What should Ms Sarandon’s punishment be? I’d think she should sit with the crime victim’s family, the next time there is a public execution.

  2. You hit the nail on the head there, Murph. She is ALLOWED. People on the right side as in correct side (meaning on the left) are always calling other folks Nazis because, well, I don’t really know why that is, but they clearly have a need to do so. It’s great fun over here in Germany too, of all places. If Hank Williams Jr. had been an avowed communist it wouldn’t have been an issue. Not for very long, anyway.

  3. The word used as a popular expletive is a mental short-cut and as most such short-cuts, it is used by people with no imagination.Mental sloth is what it is. I might be wrong by there is something quite unhealthy about the way such words like “Nazi”, “Adolf”, “Hitler”, ‘”SS”, etc are being tossed around. And Murph in Mass´s idea to have her face an execution is simply brilliant. I would turn the screw even tighter and have her sit there wearing this very same ensemble as pictured above.

  4. It’s called Godwin’s Law. And the idea isn’t sooooo far off, seeing as the Pope’s role in the Hitler Jugend was seen initially as an obstacle to his pontification.

  5. Very interesting indeed. I’d never heard of it.

    “Given enough time, in any online discussion—regardless of topic or scope—someone inevitably criticizes some point made in the discussion by comparing it to beliefs held by Hitler and the Nazis.”


    So in that sense, yeah. She was right on the money. Every 14-year-old German in the Hitler Youth in 1941 was a Nazi. The world can be so simple sometimes.

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