99% Plus 53% Makes How Much Percent?

Now that it’s getting cold and wet on Wall Street (and elsewhere) the 100% of the 99% are beginning to reevaluate whether or not they will be able to continue whining at 100% or whether it might not be better for them now to just shut up already and start biting the bullet like that ugly 53% does.

There could never be a 53% movement in Germany, you know. Germans are always in the upper 80s to lower 90s.

53 Prozent, weil dies die Menge derer sei, die mehr Einkommensteuer zahlen, als sie an Abschreibungen und sonstigen Entlastungen zurückbekommen. “Wir sind diejenigen, die für diejenigen zahlen, die sich gerade über dieses und jenes und irgendwie alles beschweren.”


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  1. No, no, no – no comparison possible here, O-Hermann.We are talking about two completely different social structures here. American framework is based on different principles than German one. True, the Germans tend to complain and even whine at times much more than the US citizens do but it´s only because they can. Unlike in the US somebody would listen and might even do something about it (not a charity and not a civic movement but the “State”). Not saying it happens often but where I come from, even whining used to be very much”verbotten”.
    I´m not saying that it´s all nice and cosy in Germany and I am just as much angry with the omnipresence of the gimmie-gimmie attitude as the next person. Still, I believe in the right to moan (what´s moaning to me might screaming for help for sb else).

    • To be honest, I cheated a little here. I view both of these movements as being strictly American but I tried contorting to get it to relate to Germany somehow (this is supposed to be a blog about Germany). But as for the right to moan, it’s a well-exercised right in the US these days, believe me. It’s gone global, as a matter of fact. And whether anybody or anything might do something about what gets moaned about in Germany remains to be seen. They can moan about retirement with 67 all they want, for instance, when the money’s gone (or the demographics won’t permit it) it’s gone.

      And speaking of American moaning (I mean whining):

    • I think you’ve got it all wrong. These Occupy weasels have gotten more of everything than anyone else in American society. They’ve even gotten a record 99 weeks of unemployment relief.

      It’s not that their complaints are verboten, it’s the fact that their complaints are unheimlich. Not to mention the fact that there is simply no way any society could ever meet their demands.

      They are against the finance sector, but they are in large part economic illiterates who have no idea that the instruments invented by the financial sector are what have been keeping them out of poverty and employed until now.

  2. I am not supporting their claim, just the right to present one as such. I agree that what they demand can hardly be considered as realistic but nevertheless, I do believe that that is how things come to change: between two loud extremes.

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