Silvester Still More Deadly Than Atomkraft

More Germans get injured and die EVERY year by fireworks while celebrating on New Year’s Eve than have ever been injured by German nuclear power plants (no fatalities).


Especially now, I suppose, now that the last few reactors running will soon be turned off for good.

No, I haven’t the slightest idea what the connection is here, either. Ha! Other than perhaps… Germans FEEL that nuclear energy is more dangerous although they KNOW that getting drunk and shooting rockets at one another is a very real and present danger. And hey, what you FEEL wins. Loses?

System One Thinking: System one thinking is automatic, unconscious, lightening fast and generates strong feelings of certainty. System one decisions are difficult to put into words other than ‘it feels right’.

Zerfetzte Hände, schwere Verbrennungen, Tod: Die Silvesternacht hat nicht nur viel Freude, sondern auch einiges Leid gebracht. Mehrere Menschen starben durch Raketen und Böller, andere stürzten aus dem Fenster oder vom Balkon.

2 responses

  1. You cannot turn a reactor off. Sure, you can stop the chain reaction, but the core still produces heat and radioactivity just by natural spontaneous decays. Politicians don’t seem to understand that, even after Fukushima 😦

  2. What interests me more here in this case is the psychology Stu, not so much the reasonable arguments for or against nuclear energy. Or should I call it politicized psychology? Ideological psychology? The German anti-nuclear hysteria has always puzzled me, but I thought I understood it, sort of, until the the Fukushima component came along (I still cannot find the connection between a tsunami in Japan and German nuclear power plants). This hysteria is clearly much deeper and more out of control than I thought possible. Like an uncontrollable nuclear reactor, if you will.

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