Why Germans Are Desperate To Ignore A Dangerous World?

Desperate? I think determined is the better word. Why? Because they can. And this is just what Germans do. It’s never been any different here (not in our lifetimes).


Imagine being born and raised in a place that is cut off from the rest of that yucky world “out there,” just like your parents before you. In an amusement park kind of way, I mean. You know, kind of like Disneyland? Only they call it Deutschland instead.

I spoke about the relative weakness of NATO, about the failures of European foreign policy, about Russia’s use of money and disinformation to divide Europe and the United States. The crowd and the other panelists nodded—and then almost immediately changed the subject. Instead of NATO, the German audience wanted to discuss genetically modified food and chickens washed in chlorinated water.

“When I think of politics I think about my neighborhood, street lights and construction permits.”

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  1. As a German I’m bold enough to say that this is nonsense. I’ve been to many countries, talked to one or two people there and after all I can say, that there are a big bunch of countries (e.g. the US) full of habitants who don’t know anything about the rest of the world. I mean, common! In some little town in Colorado a guy my age asked me, if we still “got” Hitler…
    It’s not that we hide from the rest of the world, we just have other concerns. Like yes, what do we eat? Where does our food come from? How can we stabilize the economy in the countries around us?
    If we would life in an amusement park, it would be a shady one, with high prises and a very grumpy staff…

  2. It wasn’t about “knowing” things, it was about “doing” things. And I think if you were perfectly honest with yourself you would admit that whenever it comes to anything even remotely resembling push coming to shove (issues that really cost something – and I don’t mean money), Germany cops out. This isn’t a problem with me. What bugs me is the wagging finger and the superior, know-it-all attitude that always accompanies this.

  3. Well, as a small town, hillbilly know-nothing American, the only thing I can say is: I wish I too could forget about the world for a while and just worry about chlorinated chicken bath water. Unfortunately I cannot: most of my family is in the military… and they seem to get used quite a bit (perhaps the more worldly wise Germans could take up some of the job there — it would be nice to have the family home for a change…and since we’re so ignorant you German fellows would probably be better anyway; see? win-win!).

    Oh, sorry! Do I sound bitter, mean, and condescending? I suppose I am — because I am tired…in a particularly American sort of way, I suppose.

  4. This more or less describes Germany today:
    Reading German newspapers, looking at one or the other more or less investigative news programs or even a political talk show, you have to inevitably come to the conclusion that not only German socialist society, no, the whole of humanity is about to collapse and mankind will be finally extinguished after a short history of nearly 6000 years. But even if one does not belong to the self-hating elements of the human species, you’ll quickly get infected by this constant bad-mouthing of the future. The really typical German always sees the same trends in all the worst of all possible consequences. And at deeper reflection, it is actually mostly clear that this all quite large Kappes.So how, at this state of mind, could these “knowers” (better “Schwätzer”) actually be “doing” (better “Verweigerer”).

  5. Germans are the only people who are in fact doing something big to stop the islamisation of their country. 15 000 people turning out for a demonstration is nothing to be sneezed at and I commend the Germans for doing so. And it does take a particular courage to do so since the stigma of nazi and hitler hang over germans, therefore this is a double commendation. I trust that the ordinary germans of today who object to turks etc invading their country and bringing their alien and hostile ideology with them, will succeed in avoiding a blood bath of war, where the previous generations failed to stand up to hitler and his nazism. We just have to get merkel out of the way and some honest and selfless politicians onto the platform and the reversal of the islamisation will begin. I mean when the germans are not allowed to celebrate christmas in public places because it offends the minority muslims and jews, then we know that how cultural identity is being attacked. Merkel is such a dissapointment. As a woman, I would have like her to be less conformist, and more real. Alas, she is just another NWO pawn.

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