We Know Nothing

Nothing! Not even the last name of this guy. He’s just Andreas L. to us. And that’s why everybody here is so pissed off at some of the German media for revealing, like, his entire name and everything!

Andreas Lubitz

We Germans respect his privacy, you see. Even though he’s dead – along with the other 149 innocent people he killed. Oops! We don’t know that yet. No jumping to conclusions here, folks. At any rate, we’re crazy about privacy. Some say we’re even stark raving mad about it.

In the U.S., it’s standard operating procedure to release the names of people who are suspected of committing a crime. But in Germany, where people are far more sensitive about the line between public and private, that is not done. Critics in the country have cast the move as a reckless rush to judgment, and accuse the media of exploiting the tragedy before all the facts have been established. Others believe that the co-pilot’s family could now face retaliation for the crash.

Analysis of a tablet device belonging to Germanwings Flight 9525 co-pilot Andreas Lubitz shows he researched suicide methods on the Internet in the days leading up to the crash, the public prosecutor’s office in Dusseldorf, Germany, said Thursday.

5 responses

  1. You know? Or don’t you? Since when did personal location, name, ID and work private matters become public fodder for journalists to make their editors happy about scooping something other than cat poop? Americans need to get a Life………………….

    • I wish American Yvonne Selke and her lovely daughter Emily still had a life. I’d much rather read about them or any of the other 147 victims.

      Psychopath whats-his-face needs to be forever forgotten as a footnote in a manual for unfortunate hiring practices.

  2. Funny how the German Media, like a majority of the U.S. main stream media, was able to come to broad, easy conclusions when 20 year old Adam Lansa, a young man with both mental and developmental issues, got a hold of his mother’s firearms, killed her, and then went on a shooting spree at an elementary school. The German media when on to condemn Amerika for having a “gun culture.” Nothing was mentioned about the fact that the kid spent hours at home in the cellar with violent video games, or that his mother should have used common sense when she started to take him to the local shooting range. Germany needs to come to grips with its Amokfahrer culture. Andreas Lubitz did nothing more than what some deeply depressed and angry Germans do when they drive in the opposite direction of the autobahn….only he was driving an airplane.

  3. What Murph said.
    And I find it a bit puzzling that for everything said about this pilot…not much is really being said about him (rather like Adam Lansa, there is no real reporting).
    Since that appears to be the MO of media everywhere now, perhaps the less the better…although for the sakes of the survivors it would be nice if some serious reporting took place on why this German had a life and decided to take it along with 147 others’ (when you take only yourself with you, you are a suicide; when you decide to take other people with you — like some pagan chieftian’s burial — then you are a murderer, and you’re life is no longer so sacrosanct, especially if something can be found to help stop such a thing from happening again).

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