Germans Don’t Frack Around

Germany is just about to make German fracking safer. In a country that doesn’t do any fracking in the first place, versteht sich (it’s understood). And they are going to make it safer by banning it altogether. Makes sense to me. When I concentrate really hard and try to think like a German, I mean (can’t do it for very long, though).


The new draft law, which now goes to parliament for approval, will impose an outright ban on fracking for shale gas in the next few years and only allow scientific test drilling under strict conditions to assess the risks and environmental impact.

The law could allow commercial shale gas fracking in exceptional cases from 2019 but only after successful test drilling and the approval of a special committee.

Germany’s gas industry has warned restricting fracking could increase the country’s dependence on imported energy at a time when geopolitical concerns, particularly over Ukraine, are growing.

The BDI industry lobby group described the new conditions as “completely over the top”.

Last year, gas imports from Russia accounted for 37 percent of Germany’s supply. Only 12 percent of Germany’s needs were covered by its own reserves, down from almost a fifth a decade earlier.

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  1. In the 70s our favorite playground was the Müllkippe. A place where tney dropped all the waste of the little town was put. We made fire, built little bombs of old hairspray-cans. A stinkylittle creek meandered through all the garbage droppped there. The little river in the neighbor-Town sometimes was red, sometimes it was white – depending on what was just produced in the plants. I caught fish in the north sea. It had big ulcers. In the Ruhrgebiet you hardly could breath. Today its a bit different. And thats ok. I know the wealth of an intact environment. So go away with fracking. Germany is a small, fragile country, I mean its not only germany that is fragile. You need not to think like a german, to realise that fracking is dangerous.

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