More State Supported Terrorism

Only this time it’s the German state doing it.


It’s bad enough that hatemonger Salafist preacher man Abou Nagie wants to turn Germany into an Islamic theocracy – and that’s pretty bad if you stop to think about it for a bit – now it looks like he’s also been ripping off the German welfare system ITSELF in the process. Big-time-like, even. How unethical or something.

While somehow managing to forget about reporting his real earned income (Islamic hate sales are big on the Internet these days), he has taken in over 54,000 euros in Hartz IV (German welfare). The German state has been paying him and his family 1,860 euros a month for quite some time now. The leasing rates for his Mercedes were booked from an accomplice’s account, however.

And this guy calls himself a good Christian?

Laut diesem Buch kommen alle Nicht-Muslime in die Hölle.

3 responses

  1. I see an international pattern evolving here. The late Tamerlan Tsarnaev, of the Boston Marathon bombing fame, was collecting “transitional assistance” from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, while he was learning Jihad back in his native Chechnya. How did he afford his trip to Chechnya? Apparently he forced his brainwashed American wife to work while he was planning his Boston Marathon attack. Also, his brother, Dzhokar, (Joker), was a Student at the Dartmouth campus of the University of Massachusetts. Joker was there on a full scholarship given to promising immigrants or something. Joker was just convicted this week of killing four people and literally maiming an additional 260 people.

  2. It happens in the UK all the time, Murph. We don’t even want to know about France – or do we already? This wasn’t in STATE TV ARD last night, by the way. It might have hurt somebody’s feelings or something. Spooky stuff.

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