Barbarian Hordes From The Steppes Threatening Berlin Again

Only this time they’re coming on motorcycles. And they don’t even belong to the Hells Angels. Like, how indecorous is that?


Politicians and activists in the European Union’s ex-communist east are outraged over a plan by the Night Wolves to commemorate the Soviet victory in World War II by tracing the Red Army’s path to Berlin.

At least 20 riders will cruise from Moscow through Belarus, according to the Night Wolves’ website. From Poland, they’ll pass through the capitals of Slovakia to Austria before continuing to Prague and ending in Berlin on May 9, the 70th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s capitulation to the Soviet Union.

Hey Johnny, what are you rebelling against?

One response

  1. In 1947, a bunch of WWII veterans organized a motorcycle club called the Boozefighters. In the summer of that year, the club rode into Hollister, California and “took over” the town. Life magazine reported on the event. A Life reporter asked a burly biker named Wino Willie Forkner “what are you rebelling against.” Wino Willie retorted “What ever you got!” The movie, the Wild Ones was based loosely on the Hollister event. Some say that the Johnny character was based on Wino Willie. Wino Willie was getting ready to ride into the 1997 50th anniversary Hollister event when he passed away,

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