The Donald’s 15 Minutes Threatening US-Amerika’s Once Proud Democracy

Here’s this here way sophisticated high-brow Spiegel article in a nutshell like.

Donald Trump

The American Dream is broken (again).

The super-rich are the only people who have profited from the considerable economic growth in the US in recent decades (the plain old filthy rich were left out in the cold this time, I guess).

The shifts in income that have taken place in recent years are destroying the moral fabric of society (maybe, but it’s a fabric still made in the USA, pal, so deal with it).

Not a single one of the current candidates for president is willing to call for an increase in taxes (this is a very, very Bad Thing for some reason).

The super-wealthy are against anything that might help the bottom 90 percent to rise (that is one heavy bottom, isn’t it?).

America is just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president (quoted form someone who should know: Jimmy Carter).

But is it really any more democratic that a billionaire can buy his own election instead of allowing himself to be bought by others?

10 responses

  1. Bernie’s not just a socialist; he’s a wimp too (if a bunch of protesters can take over your campaign event and have you kick it into retreat,literally standing dejected in a corner, then what is the rest of the world going to do to you?). And that whole: I’m going to get you all free college! Will there be Bonne Bell dispensers in the girls’ restrooms too? (that’s a Napoleon Dynamite reference…vote for Summer, er, Bernie!). Talk about an un-serious candidate.
    Trump’s a jerk, but the rest of them are laughable, and I’m reconciled to fate. Pass the popcorn, at least one can enjoy watching everybody squirm in the meantime.

  2. That includes preachy German news sources like der Speigel. I can’t wait to see how they report the German elections when they happen; I’m loving their reportage of how Germany is now!

  3. I feel your “pass the popcorn” frustration, Jenny. When I look at these candidates, or at least at most of the “big” ones, I feel sometimes like I’m detached from reality. Didn’t they used to be serious, grown-up-like people who serious, grown-up-like voters voted for? Maybe that was never a reality, either.

  4. No, it’s always been a racket; it’s just a really blatant one now (which shows they do not have the cleverness nor the decency to even assume a modicum of seriousness…of course this is what the public has allowed, so there’s that — and it isn’t that completely bleak, the Trump phenomena shows that: it isn’t really about him; people who support the American concept should be heartened by this…which is probably why the Speigel is aghast; O/T: do you know that some of my friends who are liberal actually used the support of Obama by Europe as one of their own reasons for hero worshipping him? therein lies a hint to part of our problems; that and the popularity of “Camelot”, no thinking American could possibly look at those shenanigans of the past 40 odd years and think we were in Seriousville). However, America’s fate will not be decided by who is president alone…I might as well be entertained while the divine comedy is revealed.
    Of course I get to go back and look at the media, foreign and domestic (but especially germanic) from the 08 campaign…and I laugh and laugh..

    • That’s an interesting point you make about liberal friends of yours using Europe’s infatuation with Obama as a reason to worship him. Americans simply don’t understand that nobody is interested in “liking” us. For those whose brains are still active, however, it should be obvious by now that it makes no difference whether there is an Antichrist Bush or a savior Obama in office. They despise us anyway. They despise us when we’re strong (an earlier, politically incorrect model) and they despise us when we’re weak (what we have today). What should we conclude from all of this? That’s right. We should. But we won’t. And that’s why the next president will be wearing a pantsuit. Do you feel my frustration yet?

  5. No, I don’t, because it is no surprise to me. I love my friends for the most part, but they are bobble heads when it comes to understanding human nature and the outside world (this may be due to their mistaken belief that they are the sophisticated ones). I don’t try to change their minds anymore; I just don’t let them change mine. Many of them are threatening to move to Europe if “things go wrong” (aka. “Trump and his bible thumpers take over this country!” — there’s as good an illustration of their numptyness in action); I have already wished them well on their endeavors (this is perhaps unkind, as I know what would await them, but sometimes we all need that harsh taskmaster, experience, to teach us lessons; I will miss them when they are gone).
    And I’m still hopeful that our next president will not be wearing a pantsuit (that woman isn’t well liked at all — even many of my incredibly naive friends don’t like her …they’re into Bernie, which is still a farce, but a less dangerous one perhaps than the pantsuited harpy; of course, they can be easily made to love her, but it will not be the same as their love for hope and change, which they have become disillusioned of, poor naifs). I don’t know who the next president will be; I just know that things stand a high chance of going “pop” soon and getting incredibly ugly. The first step to surviving such a thing is to accept that it could happen and adjust accordingly.

  6. Jenny R.: Don’t worry, your liberal friends will not move to Europe. Look at all of the celebs that have threatened to move out of the country but stayed: Alec Baldwin, Kanye West, ect. Europe has heavy taxes. None of them want to have over half of their movie royalties taken away for the state. However, there is one international movie celebrity that made a bold move: Girard Depardieu. He moved to Putin’s Russia to avoid French taxes.

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