German Of The Day: Bierleiche

That means beer corpse.


And speaking of the Oktoberfest, some of the best finds at the lost-and-found office this year include:

An electric air pump
A toilet brush
bed linen (from the police union)
650 miscellaneous pieces of clothing
600 ID cards and passports
580 wallets
320 cell phones and
250 key rings

They don’t even count the dentures and the wedding rings anymore, I guess.

And getting back to the beer corpse part up there… This year’s winner got carried away in a stretcher 80 minutes after the festivities began.

Ozapft is!

4 responses

  1. wir kamen bisher gut klar mit zusätzlichen gelben Säcken. über eine zweite Tonne sollte abgestimmt werden, da das auf die Nebenkosten geht. Was kostet denn eine zusätzliche Tonne?


  2. Shouldn´t the Bierleichen pay for the costs of their transport and medication themselves? I mean, if you can pour several bucketfuls of beer into your system, you can surely cough up enough money to pay for having the system cleansed and regulated afterwards?

    Oktoberfest stinks.

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