Sweden… Austria… Germany?

I don’t want to be offenceve here Angie, but I think it’s time to pull the ripcord.


How Sweden, the most open country in the world, was overwhelmed by migrants…

Austria plans border fence to manage migrant flow…

Considering Germany Without Merkel.

The ongoing refugee crisis has overwhelmed Merkel. The German chancellor is famous for her ability to sense the direction of public opinion and adjust her policies accordingly. This time, though, many think she may have miscalculated. When asylum seekers began arriving en masse to Germany early this summer, Merkel promised that her country would receive them with open arms — and open borders. And Germans initially supported her decision, which they saw as an opportunity to show solidarity to those in need.

But as the influx of people grew, many Germans started to worry that their government had failed to assess the true magnitude of the crisis. Suddenly, Merkel was no longer the infallible leader who could do no wrong but an impulsive head of government who had put her country in danger. Some began to see the chancellor’s famous statement about refugees — “we can manage” — as proof that Berlin had lost control of the immigration problem.

Are we having a putsch yet?

5 responses

  1. I think they’re a little late IF they do pull the cord. The foxes have already well populated the hen house, and they are hungry.
    But, better late than never.

  2. It will be a difficult situation to solve, but what to do with the families fleeing war, send them back? The recent terrorist attacks will turn the public opinion even more against the refugees. There are similarities with the Jews trying to flee a murderous Europe and countries all over the world refusing them to enter and thus becoming conspirators in their killing.

    • Really? I mean, I hope that’s sarcasm because if it isn’t then let’s have a little chat: because I don’t see your refugees being all that refugee-ish to be honest. I’ve seen refugees before…usually their numbers are chockablock full of women, children, old people. Sometimes families, but usually the men folk stay behind to fight or at the very least the young ones do.
      These refugees haven’t been that, so…what gives? There might be a few families, but they seem pretty darn few and far between; are you sure they are even Syrian?
      And don’t even think of equating this with what happened to the Jews…two very separate situations. I’m pretty well sick of that old canard (along with the Israelis are Nazis one too, so don’t expect me to give that one any quarter as well, just so you know) and am calling it out.
      For one thing, I don’t remember the Jews of Europe boasting of raping, killing and generally taking over any place (nobody got forced to submit to Y or die if memory serves), let alone whatever country would take them on as refugees….they certainly didn’t complain about the welfare benefits or riot if they didn’t get served food up to their exacting standards. Nor stating right out that they came from other refugee camps (in safe countries) simply because the welfare bennies are better someplace else, nor….

  3. Islam isn’t a race darlin’ — and I’m not lily white (and Middle Easterners are considered “white” by the standards of my folks…something they seem to like being called when they aren’t getting whitey to buy into the guilt thing, or so I’ve observed), so whatever my so-called “racism” entails (I’m kinda thinking I’ve got a more nuanced take on race than you — you sure you aren’t the racist here sweetie? you seem to like to judge people not by what they do but their melanin content). But I tell you what: if you crazy European folks want to be your happy, non-racist sun shiny selves, then by all means go right ahead.
    I’ll keep my opinions for my people from here on out. Hand me some popcorn if your refugees kills some more of you.

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