German Of The Day: Geht Nicht Gibt’s Nicht

That means, “it’s not possible is not an option.” And that’s where we are right now with this German refugee crisis, I believe.


What would you think, my fellow Americans, if your fearless leader (let’s call him “The Pres”) were to tell you in a nationally televised address that it simply is not possible for the United States to stop the influx of refugees coming in from, say, Canada? Or, I dunno, Mexico maybe? You would rightly think, well then what’s the point of having the freakin’ border in the first place?

Well, that’s what the world’s most powerful woman has told her countrymen in Germany now on several occasions.

I have not yet figured out why she is saying this – because it obviously is possible – but talk about your self-fullfilling prophecy. If what she really means is that it is not possible for HER to secure her country’s borders (European Union borders clearly do not exit so these are the only borders left), then somebody else after her will. And I think this could happen pretty quickly now, too.

In other words, German of the day coming soon: Putsch.

Schäuble ist am Ende seiner Karriere angelangt. Er hat nichts zu verlieren. Er ist die Schlüsselfigur, der ideale Mann, einen Putsch anzuführen. Der einzige, der es erfolgreich tun könnte. Er wäre ein denkbarer Übergangskanzler im Fall der Fälle.

PS: I think what we’ve got here with Angie is the next Günther Schabowski.

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  1. I read a smug pro-Merkel piece in this week’s Economist. The Oxford educated class of the UK cannot imagine a Europe without Angela.

  2. Well, pretty sure Angie’s getting some sort of sweet deals from certain consortiums of oil rich states right at the moment (there’s some funky stuff been going on with the trade of crude for the past year, and it’s only gotten more interesting) — so my bet: said leader doesn’t give a rat’s backside about her people or her country…she’s jockeying for either a nice retirement (in some lovely dacha nestled in the German Alps perhaps? maybe just outside lovely Istanbul…if you catch my drift; they have been rather chatty with each other in the last few months, years) or she’s trying to get herself elected chief muckity muck of the EU…in return for a little something something.
    Now, aside from that, I see your average Herman as needing to make a choice already: vote her out and hope for better (which I’ve heard there is no hope on that front)…or prepare for some big ol’ terrorist attacks (or you can buy them off for longer, send them to do their dirty little deeds in your neighbors’ countries, and hope your neighbors don’t have long memories…personally I wouldn’t count on that last one: I’m an American…and I still remember a certain group of pilots were connected to a group of blokes hailing from some place called Hamburg….aaaah, probably just caught my eye because I’m a fat, burger lovin’ Ami, right? but still, don’t know if Ivan or Pierre can be trusted to be that way).

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