Who Woke Up Insulation Nation?

Like how rude is that? Even if they’re only awake for a few minutes it’s still uncalled for.


* Germans long felt insulated after opposing 2003 Iraq war

* Germany-France soccer game was one of Paris targets

* Cancelled match this week brought threat closer to home

* Vice chancellor shuns war rhetoric favoured by Hollande

After years of feeling insulated from militant Islamist threats, Germans are worrying that they too could be subject to attacks like those suffered last week in Paris.

Ain’t no big deal, though. They’ll be back to sleep in no time, folks. War? What, me worry? The answer is always…

“Die ganz klare Antwort ist nein.”

5 responses

  1. Getting back to sleep is going to be spoiled by Muslim widows and orphans making noise at all hours, throwing pebbles at your windows and lighting off fireworks down the block. Sleeping pills may help. Pleasant dreams.

  2. The Germans should probably get their heads out of the sand (or their nether regions) or they’re going to have some sleep alright: the uninterrupted slumber of a dirt nap.
    At this rate they’re going to seriously be up the fudge creek and fresh out of friends — not a good place to be at with nobody left to use their hands as a paddle but little ol’ you.

    You may not be interested in war, but war is most definitely interested in you.
    Good luck Fritz; you’re going to need it.

  3. Germans are adverse to wars for a very good reason. All you need to do is look at recent history. German duplicity in starting the last two world wars is evident and there are still a lot of countries that would be highly uncomfortable seeing a German army anywhere near their borders. Considering the history of the past 100 years, if Germany wants to opt out, I dont blame them at all.

    • The German Army doesn’t have to ride off anywhere and frighten the neighbors. It would be enough if it defend its own people at home. If Germans are afraid of raising the eye brows of their peaceful hipster brothers in Paris, don’t worry, a bunch of them just got whacked by Islam and the survivors are willing to die in solidarity with death rather than discomfit their Muslim brothers.

    • No, there is a difference between unjust war and just war. Unjust wars are things to avoid; just wars are another story — as the poster below alludes to: it is not wrong to at the least defend yourself (and it probably would be a good thing to try and stop your neighbors from having their civilians butchered; at the very least it is pragmatic, at another level it is listening to the angels of our better nature as it were). Don’t worry, there’s plenty of blame to go around — I’m personally ill over my own country’s involvement in this; hopefully we get something better into office soon. Nonetheless, we are talking about the Germans here.
      Germans seem to be adverse to just wars and a-ok with unjust ones (even to the point of suicide) seems to be the take away here. At some point they need to make up their minds…and take the consequences (because eventually it will come to that; if it hasn’t already).
      Clock’s ticking.

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