Most Germans Don’t Want Brexit

According to a recent poll, that is. 79 percent of those asked hope that the UK decides to stay in the EU.


This is interesting, I find. Because another poll indicates that the Germans are just as skeptical about the European Union as the British are.

A survey by Pew Research Center shows that while Brits may be the ones pushing to split away from the European Union, an equal proportion of Germans also feel negatively towards Brussels. The poll found that 48 percent of Germans have an unfavourable attitude towards the EU, exactly the same proportion as in the United Kingdom.

So what have we learned here? Nothing, as usual. Never trust a statistic you haven’t forged yourself.

Mit 79 Prozent wünscht eine große Mehrheit der Deutschen, dass die Briten sich gegen einen Brexit entscheiden und in der EU bleiben.

PS: Just read a funny comment in the Daily Mail concerning Wolfang Schäuble’s Brexit warning (how it would would shut the UK out of single market). “Germany is really scared stiff of Brexit as they are likely to be the only country funding all the other free loading countries if the UK leaves. He also needs reminding that the only reason the EU exists is because Germany couldn’t stop killing its neighbors.”


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  1. I may have ranted about this before. We have an unwatched cable news network in the New England area that is called New England Cable News (NECN). All of this networks anchormen and anchorwomen are old Ron Burgandys that were pushed out of their day jobs by their former bosses. NECN has become the boneyard of anchormen and women.

    This same analogy can be applied to the EU parliament. Many incumbents that were fired by the people in national parliaments end up running unopposed in the EU parliament. The EU parliament is sort of a collection of old Ron Burgandys.

  2. It’s not even so much who these guys are, Murph, it’s the fact that they are even there in the first place – unelected, supranational administrators. Experts with no accountability to anybody for anything they do. Nobody really knows how they even got there yet they run the show. Except that the show isn’t running. She is broken, señor. I think the UK needs to get its sovereignty back.

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