Living Up To Contractual Obligations Causing Angst

Concerned about possibly turning Germany into a military superpower again by raising its defense spending from 1.3 to 2 percent of its gross domestic product (as agreed to by Germany many years ago in NATO), Germany’s foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) says that this could cause angst elsewhere in Europe, and most certainly at the German ministry of finance, and therefore maybe ought to be put off for an other 10 to 15 years or so. Or maybe longer. It all depends.


Angst is a terrible thing, people. And so is Verarschung (being bullshited). But angst is worse, I guess.

“Für Deutschland unrealistisch.”

3 responses

  1. If those suckas don’t start paying up I certainly hope we Americans give them some angst where the angst doesn’t shine.
    Better yet, they pay us what they owe us and we still clear out.
    Let the mighty Bundeswehr do the heavy lifting for a while…let us know how that turns out!

    PS. my family is military, friends are military…two of my kids have German jump wing, husband too; family stationed over there… have had up close and personal knowledge of your troop strength and its morale/readiness training since Bizonia…you need to work on your war faces

  2. He has to say that for his pacifist party folks but they (the coalition government he belongs to) are dragging their feet big time on this all the same. And why not? They’ve been getting away with this for ages. Playing poker. Just like Trump? If you were ever to call their bluff I’m sure that attitude would change real fast, though.

    • Well, an old broad can dream (that their bluff gets called…before that Greyhound hits me).
      I want to see their bluff called, I want it very public, and I want to watch them when it happens — I’d also like some popcorn at ready; it’s really not asking for much.

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