World’s Largest Publicly Funded Broadcaster Squeamish About Showing Documentary On Antisemitism

Because, well, that would be too unpleasant for the public being made to do the broadcaster’s  forced funding to have to face.


Germany’s state-run television channel ARD recently decided not to air a documentary it had itself commissioned concerning the latest outbreak of antisemitism in Europe and the Middle East because the people doing the film apparently did this job much too well (after enough noise was made about this decision the ARD had to broadcast it anyway).

This could trouble viewers in a country where at least 40% of its citizens hold anti-Israel, antisemitic views. Or so the reasoning must be. ARD documentaries propagating negative views about Israel get aired here all the time, however. This having to do with balanced journalism or something. Or so the reasoning must be.

Anti-Zionism is not a legitimate political position, but rather a movement against the Jewish and democratic state. It is Antisemitism 2.0.

PS: Meanwhile… The latest boycott Israel campaign from BDS seems to be making great strides forward here in Berlin. It is unclear at this point whether the ARD will be commissioning a documentary about this campaign or not.

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  1. Check out the three Jewish Lesbians that were banned from the Chicago “Dyke” parade. (Not making this up.) Their crime: They added a Star of David to the LBGT rainbow flag. When the Dyke parade people told them they could march if they renounce Zionism, they refused. They support a free Jewish state.

  2. The anti semitism is largely coming from satans children that have made their way into your countries and into your hearts and crotches. And as the continent is pretty much leftarded and want to please their new partners and wash the faces of normal humans with blood supplied from Islam, they also are jew hating jackals to win friends among the Imams.

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