“Merkel Says That’s Wrong”

Wrong, that a German food bank charity has barred migrants who she let into the country from receiving free food.


But it’s not wrong that these same migrants – who are already provided for by the German state – have managed to create “an increasingly aggressive atmosphere that scared locals” at the place in question?

And it’s not wrong that Angela Merkel and her government are leaving the German citizens who live in this community high and dry, without any additional assistance? Not wrong that a private charity has to provide this assistance in the first place because the German state has to spend the money it takes from taxpayers somewhere else (see migrants above)? Not wrong because if it weren’t for the countless German volunteers who jumped in to help handle this migrant mess she caused the entire country would be in REAL chaos right now (the German government would never be in the position to handle these numbers alone)? What is wrong, however, is that she is still in power (longer than Hitler now, by the way) and not working at one of these charities herself.

“If you fight back, you’re a Nazi.”

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  1. I can see a certain pattern emerging here that really leaves me worried: the state does things, the people are forced to face the facts; the state is incapable of dealing with the follow-up problems, the people are left to do it instead; the state takes a step back, the people are getting increasingly frustrated; the state scolds the said People for not showing more compassion/understanding/common sense, the People get really – pardon me French – pissed off and start to set things on fire and/or join the AfD. It doesn’t help to try to silence anyone’s complaints or fears by sanctimoniously branding them as Nazis – as Germany well knows, putting a lid on things and pretending it ain’t boiling underneath while a loud pack of populists are at large ends in a catastrophe for all.

    • Your absolutely right. “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.” The one job they should have been doing here – protecting their borders – was the one job they failed at miserably. Then it only gets worse once they start “fixing” it.

    • The voters are running away in droves – to the AfD. But that’s a problem, of course, because they are (still) the parias and no one will work together with them. With continued help from CDU/CSU, SPD & Co., however, they might not be parias very much longer. Merkel and hers created them.

  2. Once they have 45% of the people, they will be the people. The people won’t become like a bunch of Canadian Alt Right Nazis (Canadians who don’t love Justhin, declared by Justhins ventriloquist himself) they will dilute the notion just by numbers. But I’m a pessimist and a retired Cassandra and no change of party or change in law can change the impending violence of the future now. Islam has an agency that hubris laden westerners never thought to give validity.

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