Castes A Shadow Over Her Party?

But not over her? How convenient. Even that saluting soldier down there can see that something ain’t kosher with her.

Talk about Teflon. But even the Germans will scratch it all off eventually, Mutti. Get those memoires out ASAP!

Merkel’s Legacy on Russia Casts a Shadow over Her Party – Angela Merkel had been fully aware of just how brutal Vladimir Putin could be. She even admitted the Nord Stream 2 pipeline had been a “devil’s project.” But why didn’t she do anything to change Germany’s energy dependence on Russia – and why is her party so quiet about it now?

Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and I’ll explain to you: She systematically bumped off anybody in her party who dared to have an opinion other than hers. See Friedrich Merz, the guy who came back in from the cold to run the party now. They’ll get around to dismantling her eventually, once they’re in power again.

PS: Personally, I think she was a Russian mole. But maybe that’s just me.