Evil Internet Giant Now Within City Limits

Google Inc., that highly mistrusted and ruthlessly vilified corporate world dominator and spy on all things German (I got two words for you here: Street View), has just done an end-run around sleeping data privacy officers stationed at Berlin’s city gates and bought its way into Humboldt University itself by funding a new so-called Institute for Internet and Society, supposedly “based on a philosophy of openness and open access” which will “explore the impact of the digital age.”

Yeah, right. We all know what they’re really up to (or at least you do, I assume). Just don’t come crying to me later and say that I didn’t warn you. The next thing you now Googlezilla will be “approaching the power plant.”

Google Inc. has committed €4.5 million ($6.26 million) to the institute for the first three years as part of its recent push to invest in Germany, which has often been critical of the Internet giant’s practices.


One response

  1. It used to be Coca-Cola that ruled the world and it used to be their evil logo that was featured on the Dark Side of The Moon. Panta rei, obviously.
    And does it mean that all those lovely, thinner-than-air MacBooks that roam the corridors of HU are going to be useless now? What´s with Safari and all. Google shall become the search engine of choice? Very, very limited choice?

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