Like Get Out Of My Gesicht Already

Are we having another Street View yet? German faces on Facebook? Niemals (never)!

When it comes to Facebook’s biometric facial recognition technology “Tag Suggestions”, or just about any other kind of dad-gern-new-fangled sinister and EVIL US-Amerikanische Internet technology out there for that matter, Germans verstehen kein spaß (just can’t take a joke). And when you mix up a little “out of principle” in the fixins’, this latest tasty data protection Skandal is ready-to-serve.

To opt-in or opt-out, that is the question (German paranoiacs prefer the opt-in opt) and Hamburg’s data protection commissioner is now preparing legal action against Facebook and will soon fine the company over its use of said technology because, well, he can.

“Facebook has repeatedly come under fire in Germany, where privacy is a particularly sensitive issue for historical reasons.” Historical reasons? Nonsense. This is clearly a mental health issue.

“We believe that any legal action is completely unnecessary as the tag suggest feature on Facebook is fully compliant with EU data protection laws.”


5 responses

  1. Hold on, isn´t the main problem that some German states (Länder) have with Facebook somewhat different? It´s first and foremost about the storing of personal browsing behaviour even without an explicit consent of the “browser” and even in the case of the net users who are not among Facebook´s clients. Thumbs up/down thingy, for example, that´s featured on practically every single page these days.
    And the idea to curb Facebook´s enthusiasm for apparently harmless gadgets such as the facial recognition tools is far less crazy than one could think.

    • Honestly, do you really think anybody here would give two hoots if Facebook were a German company? It’s really quite simple. Germans are technology feindlich (hostile) – if it isn’t their technology. There were/still are several German Street View-like startups out there, for instance, and doing quite well, thank you. You would think they could at least try to pretend it’s not about evil American world domination again, yawn.

  2. In the grand scheme of things, to companies with global operations like Google or Facebook, Germany can be written off as a small backwater along the lines of Guinea-Bissau. Their “not wanting your service” ceases to be worth the effort after a while.

    It a repeat of the error the French made trying to establish Quaero to keep Google’s search engine out of Fortress Europe – they don’t get that sometimes ‘the trend is your friend’.

  3. Hermann Observer,

    Hey, I just wanted to say that your titles and photos are always great. I have no idea how you find all of these perfect photos for your entries so quickly. As you know, I used to run a daily blog, so I know how much work they are. Thanks.

    Keep on, brother!

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