Well We Can’t Excel At Everything

Like when it comes to anti-Semitism and bad old fashioned anti-Jewish thought crime.

Honestly, let’s put this latest study in perspective and maybe not paint the Germans as being the Hollywood Nazis they aren’t for once (but just this once).

Sure, 20 percent is a lot. But you know that you know you thought it was higher (or wanted it to be). And “the study — which draws on several different surveys and other research — puts Germans in the middle of the pack in Europe, showing more latent anti-Semitism in countries such as Poland, Hungary and Portugal, and less in Italy, Britain, the Netherlands and France.”

And what happens to that 20 percent once you subtract the extremist right/Islamic fringe and those who think like and/or support them? I’m all for subtracting them, by the way, but we don’t live in a perfect world. What can I say? It’s a never ending story.

Ob auf Fußballplätzen, im Netz oder in islamistischen und rechtsextremen Milieus – Judenfeindlichkeit ist in der deutschen Gesellschaft noch immer gegenwärtig.


One response

  1. Since WaPo asserts that all anti-semitic violence is “right wing”, who knew that any of those haterz that are immigrants were so darmed “right wing”?

    What they mean by “right wing” is what they have always meant: demonizable authoritarians who, in fact, have the same social and economic outlook as the statist left, but are only slightly more nationalistic that the left, and are also racists and bigots.

    The only people one can justifiably and really call “far right” are anarchists.

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