This Is An Anglicism

Not an Americanismcism, OK?

Those filthy-mouthed British. “Shitstorm” just won Germany’s Anglicism of the Year award (2011). Wow. I wonder if “Crap Tornado” came in second?

The punchline: “The jury’s decision is meant to emphasize the positive influence of English on the German language.” I don’t make this stuff up, people.

Mit der Wahl will die Jury den positiven Einfluss von englischen Ausdrücken auf die deutsche Sprache hervorheben.

4 responses

  1. As usual, the nominees provide more of a chuckle than the winner.

    Fratzenbuch, as slang for Facebook, makes it into the finalists as an Anglicism. Rubbish! The words themselves are entirely German. It translates as Scowlbook or Grimacebook, making it culturally authentic, too.

  2. If Mr. Wulff hadn´t circled so much, he would have passed the media Stresstests and the Shitstorm, we now have in the Antlitzbuch, would never have happend.

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