What’s 20 (30? 40?) Billion Euros These Days?

It’s peanuts, man. Renewable peanuts.

Damn. This gives power madness a whole new meaning.

Germany mapped out a 20 billion euro ($25 billion) plan on Tuesday to expand its power grid and avoid a “power gap” as Europe’s largest economy switches away from nuclear to renewable energy.

Germany’s government, the federal energy network regulator and transmission grid firms unveiled joint plans for thousands of kilometres of new electricity lines to 2022, to help distribute volatile renewable energy.

Operators say some 3,800 kilometers of new power lines needed through 2022.

One response

  1. The new plan is called “NEP”. No need to say this is a “NEPP”, the German word for “RIP-OFF”.
    Michel´s savings account will pay the price of collective madness and intoxication, paying for useless new energy policies, which will only bring 220 Volts as usual and this all in a nation, encircled by a real world of nuclear, coal, and gas energy usage.

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