I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots And Your Motorcycle

Is it termination time yet? For the booming German economy, I mean?

The Spiegel says: German manufacturing activity has hit a three-year low and export orders have also seen a big drop. This data suggests that the crisis is starting to hit the previously robust German economy.

Hasta la vista, baby? Maybe.


One response

  1. They shouldn’t be surprised. It will show weakness for the same reason China does: they’re wealth and growth are based almost entirely in exports, and their customers are tapped out.

    Merkel is a sharp cookie, and seriously doesn’t deserve the “Borg” treatment. One of the reasons she and her economic advisors don’t want to print money/devalue the Euro to socialize all of these bad government debts that are scaring the world’s financial system is because they know that Europe does not have the demographic capacity to grow their way out of that hole, at least not until the generation that stopped having children have died off.

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