Prioritäten Setzen

You know, to prioritize?

The refocusing of U.S. attention on Asia that marked Mr. Obama’s first term had already provoked much soul-searching among Germans about the relevance of the trans-Atlantic ties that for decades defined their existence.

The failure to announce any early state visit to Germany is still perceived in Berlin as a snub, and has helped fuel the urban legend that Mr. Obama has not forgiven Ms. Merkel for refusing to let him speak as a senator before the city’s heavily symbolic Brandenburg Gate landmark.

“Berlin is not only a place of German history, but of American history. It is the city where the Americans twice triumphed over evil, first the Nazis and then the Communists.”

2 responses

  1. The Asia-Pacific region is becoming turbulant with territorial challenges and potential chaos in China, and the Europeans feel like their feelings are being hurt because of the US focussing on that and not them.

    It’s an insane display of self-importance.

  2. Back 35 years ago, when I was a soldier stationed near the East German border, the undercurrent was “Amies raus!” Well, we are now “raus.” Live with it Germany. You got your wish.

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