Why Are Filthy Super-Rich Germans So Low-Key About Their High Finance?

Well, for one thing, they know better than anyone that they live in the notorious German Neidgesellschaft.


And for another thing… The figures show that private wealth in Germany is more unevenly distributed than in any other country in the eurozone. While the richest 1% have personal wealth of just short of one million euros on average, a quarter of adult Germans have no wealth or even owe money.

ALDI schönen Sachen!

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  1. Aldi ipened a store in Worcester, MA, which is the 2nd biggest city in New England. The store is located accross from a mall and has public housing behind it. It seems to compete with Walmart. However, Walmartians will take the bus accross town because Aldi only accepts cash or debit cards. Also, the fact that you must bag your own with your own bag is a turn off, even to the EBT card crowd.

  2. One thing about Aldi’s “deployment strategy” in the US is that they are targeting zip codes with a very low average income. Effectively, it’s the “Dollar Store” Angriff strategy, where it’s normal to find bags of detergent marked entirely in Chinese which you might know how to use because they sort of look like Tide.

    For example, the one closest to me is in an are where largely populated by immigrants who aspire someday to send their children to school, and maybe even beating their wives less frequently. They also go for smaller buildings, roughly the size of an old A&P (oh, how those anti-corporatists detested the Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company!).

    This, as opposed to the general fare out being built out there at the moment – looking to build a store with a gourmet prepared food area, a place to dine, and in-store Starbucks, a counter to drop off dry cleaning, wine on offer sorted by nation and appellation d’origine contrôlée, a broad collection of pungent, costly cheeses, and curiously “delivery service” because your organic shade-grown turnips need a ride home.

    In other words, Aldi is going for sloppy seconds, and trying to profit from the Food Stamp/EBT bonanza.

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