German Of The Day: Denkverbot

That means a ban on thinking. And that’s what this latest anti-Pegida or anti-anti-Islamization hysteria is all about.


This is so German it hurts. This anti-anti-Islamization movement isn’t primarily a protest against the Pegida anti-Islamization movement in my view (although of course it is that, too), it is going through that classic German ritual of protesting against the German Nazi past by trying to compensate for the anti-Nazi movement that never took place when it could have made a difference. It’s never “anti-” enough when and where it needs to be here in Germany, in other words.

Are these 18,000+ Pegida protesters in Dresden all Nazis and racists? Of course not, although some of them undoubtedly will be. So why call them that? Especially when a recent study indicates that over 18 percent of the German population is hostile to Islam in the first place (is that all?). Do the political parties and media on the left – and elsewhere – profit from calling them Nazis? You tell me.

If they are all such idiots then why the hysteria? Do they possibly have something to say then after all? I’m slowly starting to wonder now.

One thing really does worry me about all these Pegida people, however. It is one of their slogans I heard about the other day: “Potatoes instead of Döner Kebab!” Now that’s scary. Maybe these folks do need to be stopped after all…

Um als Gesellschaft eine sinnvollere Reaktion zu finden, braucht es etwas Gelassenheit.

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  1. My location is not Germany on this planet. And I’ve just learned 2 months ago Pegida existence. Since that day I’ve thought some things about in every I heard this organization name.
    National socialism in the world history had never appeared like a mushroom. It had a reason always. For example, do you think in every member of the waffen ss, which was the biggest voluntary army in the world history, wanted to war? No, they didn’t. Poverty is a manipulable case, and no one should be tested with this. At that days Hitler had used the second biggest poverty at European history last century. This situation served well to the men, who were manage to the heavy industry. Every war shows up itself with the economic reasons. Some of them gets rich, some get poor as result.
    If we return back to Pegida and its acts three questions came to my mind.
    1-Why this organization came up at Dresden. Is it related with the Dresden is the city, which was taken biggest 2nd damage in Europe at WW2 and had most given civil casualties(45,000-50,000 civil German) under the British and US air assault just in two days. And we look, nobody who was responsible of the civil casualties never stand trial. Let’s put standing trial on one side, all world kept in silence that it seems like this tragedy never lived. Everything must be corresponded in a justice way. If an equitable structure is not created, the people try to claim their rights with the wrong methods in the face of injustices, which they lived. From this angle; Dresden was suitable for this organization, wasn’t it?
    2-Germany is backbone of EU. If Germany doesn’t exist, EU would divide into the parts. EU strugles with the economic problems, and has got the aging population. Germany is aware of that can not be limited with the EU partners in a long term. And the other side, even if Germany has got the most Nato base country, German people more voice up against to United States military and economic actions than the other EU country. From this angle; who is most afraid that Germany continue on its way as an independent? To prevent of Germany’s independent move freedom, resurrected Nazism could be useful again?
    3-Potato origin is Bolivia-Peru isn’t it?:) If I am wrong sorry. But I’ve always thought that Germans have high level math and physics intelligence (I am speaking according to what they made for science in the world history) because of that they eat fish a lot. Not potato, it shouldn’t be potato:)

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