Big Honking European Fence Idea Looking Better All The Time

Germany wants Austria to stop dropping off busload after busload of refugees on their common border.


Austria wants Slovenia to stop letting refugees through to Austria and is considering putting up a fence of its own, just like Hungary already has. Slovenia wants Croatia to stop doing the same, now that Hungary has put up said fence. Serbia and Macedonia are also being really rude in letting all these folks through without kindly asking them to turn around and go back where they came from, as if they would.

Greece, for its part, would really like Turkey to stop letting these refugees boat over across the short stretch from the Turkish coast to Lesbos. Turkey itself would like the over two million refugees it has in its refugee camps to go back to Syria but knows that isn’t going to happen so is letting all additional newcomers just continue on up north, like I said.

So, other than giving humanitarian aid to those who have now made it to Europe, what is there to do? Nobody appears to be interested in stopping the war in Syria – at least nobody in the White House is – so what else is there left to do?

Wir müssen an einer Festung Europa bauen.


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