German Of The Day: Schwerbehindert

That means severely disabled. You know, like 10 percent of the German population?


Huh? I know what you’re thinking, but it’s true. No, I’m not thinking it’s just another big scam (I know it is). I’m thinking how could it only be just 10 percent?

Schwerbehindert sind laut Statistik Menschen, denen die Versorgungsämter einen Grad der Behinderung von mindestens 50 Prozent zuerkennen und die einen gültigen Ausweis haben.


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  1. Let me tell you my tale. When I got prostrate cancer I immediately had it cut out so the cancer didn’t spread. So I was healthy again, right? Not according to the hospital’s social worker, who insisted on registering me as 50% disabled. Not because I was (still) ill, but because that 50% number would entitle me to a hefty discount from my tax assessment over the next 5 years And THAT is why people claim disablement, even when as healthy as I am!!!

  2. There we have it, Stu. I’m sure there are many other variations on that, too. There’s always money involved somewhere – something “for free” (somebody else’s money, in other words). And that’s great about how that turned out for you, health-wise. Weiter so!

  3. And here is the discount, depending on the percentage of disablility, which is called
    Grad der Behinderung (GdB) in % and yearly Pauschbetrag(discount).

    GdB 25 bis 30 310 Euro
    GdB 35 bis 40 430 Euro
    GdB 45 bis 50 570 Euro
    GdB 55 bis 60 720 Euro
    GdB 65 bis 70 890 Euro
    GdB 75 bis 80 1.060 Euro
    GdB 85 bis 90 1.230 Euro
    GdB 95 bis 100 1.420 Euro

    Some get this – after a doctor´s assessment – for the rest of their life.

    • Try for the green-orange pass. It includes a Freifahrtberechtigung, meaning free usage of any public transportation, except taxis. Maybe that´s why I never see a Berliner on a train with a valid ticket.

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