What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

Ein Frührentner (an early retiree). Please laugh, but please also be assured that I personally know a German teenager who actually answered this question this way and was NOT joking.


And this really shouldn’t come as a surprise in a country where, according to the latest poll, 53 percent of the employed don’t plan to work past the age of 63 and barely one third of them expect to work until the “official” reitrement age of 65. Or is it 67 now? Wait, or is it 63 doch (after all)?

At any rate, whatever the official German retirement age may be, rest assured that it will not be the age at which the majority of Germans will be retiring.

Ein knappes Drittel will dagegen bis zum regulären Renteneintrittsalter weiterarbeiten.

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  1. Auntie Zetuni, President Obama’s paternal aunt from Kenya, receives a social security check and she has absolutely no work history in the U.S. She also gets subsidized public housing, food stamps and an EBT card, which allows her to go shopping for food, cloths or anything else she may need.

    On your side of the Atlantic, I have heard grumblings from German friends about Volga Germans: Germans that settled in around the Volga river during the time of Katherine the Great. Many speak German with a heavy Russian accent. (because German was verboten as a language under Stalin). The story is that they immigrate back to Germany, apply for social security, and live the German dream. Their Social Security income is based on their last job description, not what they were earning before they left. It is not hard to bribe some Russian bureaucrat to notarize that your last job was an engineer on the Russian Soyuz program.

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