German Of The Day: Stiff Upper Lippe

That means stiff upper lip.


And that’s what meany Berlin politician types are struggling with to keep up after Donald Trump’s latest bizarre attacks against Germany, the EU and NATO.

In trying to console themselves, however, many German stiff-upper-lippers remind the rest of us that Donald Trump is also against the UN, the CIA, the FBI, AC/DC, TCP/IP and even LSD itself, to name just a few. Although the LSD…

With a stiff upper lip, Steffen Seibert instead pledged that Berlin would “co-operate closely” with the Trump administration.

One response

  1. Where did Donald go wrong? Didn’t Angela Merkel screw the pooch on refugees? Doesn’t Germany spend 1.?% of its GDP on its defense? (See today’s Stern article about the naval Frigate that is both, like the Berlin Airport, not finished and already, like NATO, obsolete) Isn’t the E.U. a front for German hegemony? (Ask the Greeks) Can’t a billionaire tell the truth for a change? By the way, Donald is not against AC/DC!

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