US-Amerika Somehow Behind AfD’s Rising Popularity

Like duh. I suspected it all along. Who else could have possibly been behind it?


After all, as Spiegel Online reports in its inimitable fashion, the advertising company the Alternative for Germany party has now turned to “has worked with Donald Trump.” So there’s no need to read on. We don’t need to know anything more about them.

To assist in its efforts, the party has tapped Kunkel’s contacts to engage the services of advertising professionals in the United States with experience on the right-wing spectrum. The party is working together with the Texas-based agency Harris Media, which recently presented its plans to the AfD’s national committee. With its provocative and aggressive campaigns, the agency has already contributed to the success of a number of controversial politicians. In Britain, it worked with the anti-EU UKIP party; in Israel, it worked with the governing Likud party; and in the United States, news agency Bloomberg has dubbed company founder Vincent Harris “the man who invented the Republican internet.”

“Burkas? We prefer bikinis.”

3 responses

  1. American Jews even (the worst of the worst kind)!

    No, seriously, we’ve got our magickal pixies, our weather machine, chemtrails, and Russian-Amerikan hackers working overtime on this.
    Here any day now Mutti will create a law were all ethnic Germans will have to wear diapers on their heads…and burn all their socks.
    It’s all been part of our dastardly plan.

  2. And it looks like it’s working, too (place evil laugh here). The AfD front lady, or the latest one, was actually invited to a second debate last night for the small parties and they actually treated her as if she might possibly have something to say. I don’t want to say with respect, but a tiny step in that direction. This would not have been possible a few months back. They can’t ignore them anymore because word is they will come in third. Not that any of the other parties will work with them – yet – but they are here, right up in everybody’s faces – thanks to Angie.

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