I Guess This Guy Was Just Fed Up With People

Personally, I find that calling someone a “cannibal” is politically incorrect and highly offensive. These days, one should refer to them as “humanitarians.”


German police have arrested a 41-year-old man on suspicion of cannibalism after they found human bones stripped completely of flesh in a Berlin suburb.

Berlin prosecutors said Friday they are “investigating at full speed to shed light on the sexual murder with suspicion of a cannibalistic background”.

PS: What did the cannibal get when he was late for dinner? The cold shoulder.

Talk about gag

I mean PR gag, of course. Berlin’s a tough town, man. It’s dog eat dog here. Why it’s so dog eat dog here that it’s man eat man.

A website advertising a new restaurant has called for potential guests to donate their body parts – for later. But that’s understandably a, well, tender subject here because a Berliner was murdered and partially eaten by a cannibal not all too long ago.

I cannibalive it.

“I am assuming it is a misguided joke. But it is disgusting.”