Can We Have Them Back On International Men’s Day?

Oh yeah, I forgot. There’s no such thing as International Men’s Day.

So much for tradition. The emasculated male staff at Germany’s Bild newspaper not only gave the women employees the day off on International Women’s Day this Thursday, they must have had too much to drink afterwards, too, because later that day the crazy bastards announced that the paper would be removing its trademark pictures of topless women from the front page.

How sweet or something. Sickening sweet. Now 28 years and 5000 topless women later we, I mean you, will be forced to turn to page three if you want to see them again (and we all know who they are). I feel so disgusted. And degraded.

So this is like progress marching on?

“I’m pleased that the pictures have finally disappeared from the front of the paper but the question is how long it will stay away. It was very degrading but we will have to wait and see whether this is permanent,” said Monika Lazar, women’s spokeswoman for the Green party.

Degrading, lady? Hell yeah, it’s degrading. Why degrade these women by putting them on page three?

3 responses

  1. Excellent observation. And no, it isn’t, although it sure sounds like it should be in this context. This is just another case of how Germans like to cut up their verbs sometimes. They put one chunk in the front or in the middle and then add the littly bitty chunk that’s left at the end of the sentence. Abschaffen means to do away with. Bild schafft…blah, blah, blah… ab. Don’t ask. It’s just what they do.

  2. All of these ladies should be invited to take part in a Big (Bild) Zapfenstreich. What would their music wishes be? And the Bundeswehr would march a bit strammer.

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