Ex-Pirate Girl Treated Like Sex Object By Pirate Boys For Some Reason

She’s tired. She’s tired of being admired.

Just after walking the German Pirate Party plank due to exhaustion, ex-Pirate political manager Marina Weisband dropped the boom on her mobbing male marauders by outing them as being just as chauvanistic and sexist as male types everywhere else are, political or otherwise. Why who would have thought that? You sweet little…

Sie habe sich nie als “Star der Piraten” gesehen, sondern als “von den Medien gehypte Person.”

5 responses

  1. When your platform is to legalize the theft of computer games, don’t expect any deep thinkers. I’m not surprised that she got tired of being drooled on by middle-aged gamers and phoney “privacy advocates”.

    • What nefarious, anti-democratic corporation do you work for? Google? Facebook?

      I can see your point against the theft of software, though I think we need a broader range of economic models for monetizing software development. But your remark about privacy advocates is what makes me suspect your motives. The intrusion of so many businesses in personal privacy is one of the most serious issues facing democratic societies today.

      The Pirate Party, though, is too poorly defined to take seriously at this point, and the SPD and the Greens are already big advocates of privacy, while The Left (the renamed Communists) are its biggest opponents.

      • We don’t need a “broader range” of anything. If I did some software, and thought it was work 1 cent or 1 billion zlotys a copy or free, that’s up to me. The delusion of these clowns is that they think they can force a situation on the enforcement of copyright. And in the feeble vacuum of their beings, this is all that seems to matter to them.

        As to your dragging out the tired saw that I must be “on the slimy payroll of big code” or something, you’re doing a nice job of parroting cliches and looking rather un-smart to an Architect.

        Otherwise, I’m still waiting for Facebook to give me that shoebox full of 20’s that the man in the fedora promised me.

      • We have 2 separate issues here: privacy and how to sell software.

        My comment on selling software is that selling licenses is not the *only* way to fund and make a profit off of software development. I did not say that it should be eliminated.

        The other issue is privacy. I don’t see how anyone can oppose greater consumer privacy, unless they are making a profit off of violating it.

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