Circumcision Decision Revision

Not that there was ever much doubt about it. That it would come to a big backpedaling Aktion, I mean.

The German government says Jewish and Muslim communities should be able to continue the practice of circumcision, after a regional court ruled it amounted to bodily harm.

That’s what can happen when you have that pressing need to fix things that aren’t broken.

“Circumcision carried out in a responsible manner must be possible without punishment.”

One response

  1. Do they plan on registering those people by religion so they can establish who are permitted to have their sons circumcized and who aren’t? What about religious conversions and multi-faith marriages?

    What do they plan on doing next? ENFORCING those religions’ rules if they are “registered Jews,” “registered Muslims,” or “registered Catholics,” or such, say, if they seek a divorce or abortion?

    They really get into the weeds with this stuff, courtesy of people who attribute more meaning to a foreskin than a fetus as “just a clump of cells”.

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