Angry Radical Femen Women Showing Their Feminist Thingies All Over The Place These Days

Even in Berlin, of all places. And I, for one, find it shocking and disgraceful.


But on the other hand… If this is the only way to unite young women in their striving for the democratic principles of social awareness, political activism and social development, who am I to stand in their way?

„Wir als Frauen erobern die Hoheit über unsere Körper zurück und setzen sie für politische Ziele ein.“

3 responses

  1. Did anyone notice that the fourth girl from the left has her right suspender twisted? Those ingenious contraptions seem to have the bootstrapping Hoheit over those bodies!

  2. What’s hilarious is that they had to find the cause to hold the kind of agitation that they wanted. Even if you DID find Nazi smpathizers, of which one would never know who they are or how many since there is no reading of minds, the number that would actually burn a house down once every 3 years is statistically meaningless.

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